We would like to introduce you to the dispatching process in our centre.


Order acceptance


Bookings via phone are entered immediately into the system by our agents who will be glad to inform you about the arrival time right away. Dispatching of the order usually takes place even during the conversation.


Provided that you use the app or web portals, the booking is entered by yourself. After submitting the order, it will be directly transmitted in our system and dispatched at once.


Orders via email or fax will be read by our agents in a timely manner and entered into the system. However, phone calls are given priority.




Our system utilizes the address and potential special requests of the customer to determine the cab most suitable and transmits the assignment within just a few seconds. If the order isn't accepted by the first cab, it will be dispatched further immediately. Even during high order intakes the same assignment can be offered to a large number of cabs within a very short time. The agent normally doesn't have to take additional action in this regard.


Taxi approach


Concerning orders via phone, mail or fax, you can call us at any time to inquire about the current status of your order. Our agents will be glad to inform you about the current location of your cab as well as the remaining estimated arrival time. Thereby, irregularities can be identified promptly.


Bookings via app or the portal Taxi.eu facilitate a live view of the taxi approach. You can use your device to directly watch your designated cab approaching your address and the estimated arrival time.