Child safety


Regarding the transport of children, usage of child seats is mandatory as per § 21 para 1a of the Road Traffic Act (StVo). In addition there exists an exemption for the non-regular transportation with taxis because of practical reasons.


The following seat classes must be distinguished:


Class Weight Age Safety
0 up to 10 kg 0-1 year Parents or exemption
I 10-18 kg 1-4 years One child must be secured
II 15-25 kg 4-7 years

Two children must 

be secured

III 22-36 kg 7-12 years


Consequently, two children of classes II and III as well as one child of class I must be secured at least. Children of class 0 are exempted from that obligation due to a special exception, which only applies to non-regular transports. In the case of regular transportation of infants proper child seats are mandatory for class 0 as well.


If a driver doesn't carry along the necessary child seats, he will call our centre to send an appropriate replacement taxi.